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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Wilmington University is committed to providing an equitable opportunity for all student-athletes to participate in NCAA Division II intercollegiate athletics while successfully completing a degree program. The University’s goal is to ensure a secure and welcoming campus environment for all student-athletes that will afford them the opportunity to learn and compete at the highest level and view athletics as an integral part of campus life. Athletic participation will help our student-athletes with their goals to promote academic and athletic excellence, determination, life skills, leadership development, discipline, perseverance, and team work. The Athletic Department at Wilmington University strongly endorses an all-inclusive program that encourages each student-athlete to develop their character, values, and skills to the fullest during their University experience. The Athletic Department’s program will prepare our student-athletes for their careers and to engage in lifelong learning.


  • Abide by and uphold all rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) and the CACC (Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference).
  • Strive for an overall graduation rate of 95%, while maintaining an overall cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or better.
  • Be competitive at the conference, regional, and national level in all of our athletic programs.
  • Establish athletics as a rallying point that provides opportunity for the faculty, staff and student body to nurture a common sense of pride and unity for the University community.
  • Create a welcoming environment for all by acting in a sportsmanlike-way at all times.
  • Encourage and support gender equity and diversity.
  • Not to discriminate based on sex, handicap, disability, race, age, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, marital status, or sexual or affectional preference.
  • Increase the base of traditional aged students at the University with the addition of sports and the continued successful recruiting efforts of our coaches.
  • Continue to increase awareness within the community through special projects (athletic events, athletic camps, youth team play-offs, etc.).
  • Serve our community by raising awareness and funds for social, health and environmental issues.
  • Create a positive environment that promotes physical and emotional wellness.
  • Establish a “Sense of Tradition” through athletic alumni involvement and support.