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2015 WilmU Volleyball Tournament Home Page

2015 WilmU Volleyball Tournament Home Page

2015 WilmU Volleyball Tournament

Dominican East Stroudsburg Merrimack Wilmington
1-12 5-4 3-5 7-4
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Welcome to the 2015 WilmU Volleyball Tournament home page.

Admission at the doors to the WU Athletics Complex is free, but on the first day of the tournament Wilmington is also hosting a soccer doubleheader, so parking may be tight. Please follow all standard parking rules and do not park in Fire Lanes. 

Live stats and a live video feed will be available both days of the tournament. We will be transferring the video from the soccer doubleheader to the volleyball court inside, so the 4 p.m. match may come on after the start of the match. Each match has a specific live stats link which can be found when clicking on the desired contest below. The video will be embedded inside the stats page.

Saturday, September 19

4:00 pm Wilmington def. Dominican, 3-0 (box)
7:00 pm Merrimack def. East Stroudsburg, 3-2 (box)


Sunday, September 20

10:00 am Wilmington def. Merrimack, 3-0 (box)
12:00 pm East Stroudsburg def. Dominican, 3-0 (box)
2:00 pm Merrimack def. Dominican, 3-0 (box)
4:00 pm Wilmington vs. East Stroudsburg




Warm-up time will be a minimum of 30 minutes. If time permits, the full warm-up time will be allowed prior to each contest.

The tournament will be played at the WU Athletics Complex which is located at 1365 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE 19702.